EMI TG12345 (mk3 EQ) 24/16/2 console with Direct Outs
Neve 1095 8 Channel Sidecar
Studer A800 mk3 24 with full remote/autoloc. & 16 track headblock
Pro Tools HDX (32 i/o)
Thunderbolt PCI Chassis
iMac 27" Quad Core i7
Waves Gold Bundle Version 6 Plug Ins for Pro Tools & Autotune
Studer B62 1/4 “
Dolby SR X2

Mic Pre-Amps

Neve Classic 1073 x4
Telefunken V72A x9
Telefunken V77 x4
Telefunken V76 x7
Helios Vintage Type 69 x3
RCA BA-1A dual channel x2
RCA BA-21A dual channel x1

Valve Mics

Neumann U47 (original)
Neumann M49 x2
Neumann U48 x2
Neumann U67 x3
Neumann KM54a
AKG C12a x2
Lomo Tube

Condenser Mics

Neumann U87 x3
Neumann 47FET x3
Neumann KM86i
Neumann KM84 X2
AKG C414 x2
B&K 4011
AKG C451
AKG C460b
DPA 4009 x2
Geffell M70
Sony C37A x2
Telefunken M22b
Geffel C56

Ribbon Mics

Stereo SF24 Royer
Royer R121 x2
RCA DX77 x3
AEA R92 Ribbons x2
Altec 639 x2
Coles 4038 x2
RCA KU3a x2
AEA44 Big Ribbons x2
Reslo 'The Beeb' x2
Beyer M160

Dynamic Mics

AKG D19 x3
AKG D24 x2
AKG D25 x2
AKG D202 x2
Shure SM7 x2
Shure 57A x3
Shure 57 x4
Shure 58 x2
Sennheiser 441
Sennheiser 602
Sennheiser 421 x5
Electrovoice RE20
Yamaha Subkick


Tannoy SRM 15X
Yamaha NS10
Genelec 7000 Bass Management
Livemix 24 Channel Headphone Monitoring System
6 x Livemix Duos for up to 12 independent mixes

Compressors & Limiters

Fairchild 670 Stereo
Fairchild 660 Mono
Teletronix LA-2A
Teletronix LA2
EAR 660 x2
Urei 1176 x2 (black face)
Gates SA-39b
Audio Design Research F690RS
Al Smart C1
Distressor x2 (with Brit Mod)
DBX 160 VU x2
PYE Compressors x2
Altec RS124 x2

Outboard EQ

Pultec EQP-1A x2
2x Pultec EQ-H2
API 550 A EQ x2
API 560 A EQ x1
EAR 825Q EQ unit
3x Helios Vintage Type 69


1x EMT 140 Valve plate reverb
1x EMT 160 SS plate reverb
Fairchild 658 Dynamic Reverb System
EMT 245
Lexicon 480L reverb system
AKG BX20 spring
Quantec QRS 4 output reverb
Pioneer Reverb Amplifier 202W

Guitar & Bass Amps

Ampeg B18 Bass Amp & Cabinet
Vox AC30 (Rare with Treble Boost)
Fender Bassman Head & Cabinet
Divided By 13 Head and Cabinet
Fender Deluxe Combo
Fender Twin Reverb
Fender 59 Bassman Combo
Silvertone Twin Twelve Head & Cabs
Magnatone High Fidelity Vibrato Combo
Vox Solid State Defiant Amp & Cabinet
Gibson Vanguard Combo X2
Fender Super Champ
Vox AC15
Guitar Leslie Model 16
Gibson Varitone
Marshall JMP 20
Watkins Dominator
Selmer Constallation
Marshall 4x10” Speaker Cabinet
Leslie Speakers X1
Jackson Britain 30
Swart Amp Co Space Tone

Pianos & Keyboards

Steinway B Grand Piano
Broadwood 1930 Upright Piano
Hammond B3 Organ Leslie 145 Speaker Cabinet
Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Roland Vocoder
Korg Wavestation
Micro Korg XL
Arp Solina String Ensemble
Korg Electric Organ
Roland SH101

Electric Guitars

Fender Stratocaster
Fender Telecaster
Hammerton 12 String
Fender 6 Baritone Guitar
Rickenbacker Guitar
Fender Starcaster (hollow body)
Jerry Jones Baritone Guitar
Danelectro 12 string
Coral Electric Sitar
Gibson Firebird
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Gibson SG
Fender Telecaster Custom
Harmony Stratotone
Telecaster Deluxe Stereo
Fender Jaguar
Gretch 6120
Breedlove Passport Guitar
Pogreba Resonator

Acoustic Guitars

Gibson J200 Acoustic
Martin D18 Acoustic
Nylon Strung Acoustic
Martin 12 String Acoustic
High Strung Acoustic (Circa 1850AD)


Fender Jazz Bass
Fender Precision Bass
Fender Starcaster Bass
Hofner Beatle Bass
Harmony H22 Bass
Burns Bass
Modulus Bass star
Nylon Strung Bass

General Outboard

2x Drawmer DS201 dual gates
SPL Transient Designer 9842
2x DBX de-essers
Roland Chorus Echo
Binson Echorec
Roland SDE 3000
Marshall Time Modulator
TC1140 parametric/pre-amp
Yamaha SPX90 Mk1
2x Avalon U5 Di
2x EMT filters
Quad 303
Eventide Delay TC2290
Yamaha 2050 amplifier
2x Quad II valve amplifers
DMX Drum Machine plus extra Voice Cards
Roland Rhythm 77 Drum Machine/Sequencer
TC D-Two multitap rhythm delay
Large Megaphone
Roland e-mix studio FX Processor

Other Instruments

Laka Ukulele
Kumalae Ukulele
Gibson Lapsteel

Drums & Percussion

Ludwig Original 1960 drum kit plus hardware.
Approx 10 assorted vintage snare drums inc Ludwig Gretch, Rogers, Slingerland etc
1 Glockenspiel
2 LP Tambourines Brass/nickel
1 Tunable Pearl Tambourine
Various Shakers
1 Cabasa
1 Cajonito
Agogo Bells
DW 5000 Kick drum pedal
Yamaha Kick Drum Pedal
Zildjian Cymbals

Guitar FX

Maestro Echoplex x2
Roland Chorus Echo
Boss Loopstation
Maetro Phase Shifter
Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere
Electroharmonix Big Muff
Slide Rig Compressor Pedal
Musitronic Mu-Tron III
Ibanez Tube Screamer
Maestro Phaser
Electric Mistress Flanger/Filter Matrix
Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Wah
Lovetone Wobbulator
Demeter Opto Compulator Compression
MXR Phase 90
Bixonic Expandora
MXR Dynacomp
Durham Sexdrive
Fender Tube Reverb
Vox Tone Bender
Crowther Audio “Prunes & Custard”
TC Electronic Nova Reverb
Various Volume Pedals
Boss Line Selector
Pro Co Rat Distortion
Celmo Sardine Can Compressor
Fender Blender
Xotic Effects RC Booster
Jim Dunlop Rotovibe
MXR Micro Amp
Morley Rotating Wah
Ibanez Turbo Tube Screamer
Diaz Texas TieModillo
Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay
Dan Armstrong Green Finger
Laizy Cruiser
Colorsound Wah Swell
Divided By 13 Dyna-Ranger
Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer
Boss Overdrive
Electroharmonix The Clone Theory
Digitech Whammy Pedal
Zoom 9002
Treble Booster
Phase Reverse Pedal
Hornby Skewes Treble Booster
Hush Systems The Pedal
TC Electronic Programmable Phaser
Palmers Y Box
Still Fazin
Tom Scholy Bass Rockman X2
Boss Chorus Ensemble
Morley Power Wah Boost
Pedals 65 Colour Boost